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The Place, Jahs Resort

The Place Overview

View over Port Antonio

Rear view

One half of the property resembles an impressionistic painting. For fifteen years we planted every available flower, palm and fruit tree, with no other concept than shape and color. You will find an Italian fountain shaded by a breadfruit tree. There are tables and benches to hide out, rest or read: in the pimento grove, under the coconut trees or the banana leaves or next to the small fish pond with papyrus and waterlillies under the outstretching almondtree.

The other half we left untouched: bamboo and tropical rainforest. Three hundred steps lead you to your own private waterfall and river-jacuzzi away from any sound of civilisation, surrounded only by nature and hummingbirds. You can rest at the river gazebo and after ascending from this hidden paradise swim again in the pool. For no-sun-seekers: half of the pool area is covered by a cedar-shingled roof.

We have a total of six rooms and the Ridge Cottage. The two story building on top of the mountain has two rooms on each floor. They are connected by double doors. All four rooms have a large private terrace, hot water in their bathrooms and a queen size four-poster bed. The rooms offer a breathtaking view over Port Antonio, the ocean and the Blue Mountains. One level below a few steps away is the restaurant. The large gazebo on top of it is perfect for meditation, yoga exercises or a more secluded breakfast or dinner. The restaurant consists of a dining room, a bar, a lounge, a beautiful terrace and a state of the art kitchen. On the level below the restaurant you find a ping-pong pavilion, a fishpond under the almond tree and a palm garden. The whole compound is enclosed by a high wall that surrounds the entire hilltop. Two steel gated entrances and a fence overgrown with bouganvilleas on top of this wall guaranty total privacy and create the feeling of a small Mediterranean castle.

Just below this compound is the swimming pool with two small rooms adjoined to it. They each have a queen size bed, two small balconies, their own bathroom with hot water and a small terrace.

As a perfect hideaway there is the Ridge Cottage. It has two floors. The bedroom at the top is surrounded by four terraces. From its queen size four-poster bed you have a 360 degree view over the town, the harbour, the ocean, the Blue Mountains and our garden. On the bottom floor is the living room with a futon bed, the bathroom, a kitchenette and the breakfast terrace. The cottage has cable tv on both floors and broadband internet connection.

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